JSW Consultancy

JSW is an experienced hospitality consulting firm based in Amman-Jordan, specialized in

franchise system development, total restaurant support, and mobile food trucks.

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Restaurant Total Business Solutions

Operations evaluation
SWOT analyses
Concept Development plan
New concept formation
HR & Recruitment support
IT solutions implementations
Call center & Delivery systems
Procurement & Inventory Systems
Production & logistics Procurers
ISO & HACCP Certification.
Sales target plans
Mystery Shopper program

The Team.

30 years of experience in establishing and managing international brands in 8 different countries in the Middle East & North Africa

Numan Abu Rmeileh

Managing Partner

Over 17 years of proven international experience and results in leading and growing franchise companies all over the MENA Region managing international  and local chains restaurants operations.

Youssef Al Abassi

Franchising Partner

18 years of experience managing local hotels and tourism companies in Jordan “ MANAR HOTEL . ABJAR HOTEL . DALLAS TRAVEL AND TOURISM”

Hazem Emreish

Hotelier Partner

8 years of marketing experience in international and local restaurants in the Middle East, branding expert.

Mousa Othman

Marketing Partner

18 years of Financial Experience in international and local companies in the Middle East, Auditing and Financial Management

Mutasim Missmar

Financial Partner